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7 Tools College Students Must Know

College is a time for exploration and learning, but it’s also a time to develop important skills that will help you succeed in the future. Staying organized and productive can help you make the most of your college experience. Whether you need to cut down on distractions, manage your time better, or get more out of your study sessions, many different tools can aid you along the journey. Here are seven of the best productivity tools for college students - from apps to websites to focus-boosting music - that can help you get ahead in your studies:

Jasper (Best AI Writing Tool)

Jasper is an AI Writing Tool perfect for tackling even the most daunting cases of writer's block. By providing advanced options such as keyword customization, tone analysis, and AI-generated sentence suggestions, Jasper helps you craft masterful writing, regardless of the topic. Not only does it greatly reduce the time required to produce results, but it also enhances text by suggesting alternative phrasing. With its user-friendly AI interface and wide range of practical applications, Jasper can be used in various situations, from critiquing literary works to blog posts. It even offers voice recognition technology to seamlessly integrate speech with writing. Now more than ever, Jasper is the ultimate AI Writing Tool for creating impeccable content in a fraction of the time required by a human.

Quizlet (Best Study Tool)

Quizlet is a useful and effective tool for students of all ages to help with solutions for their homework or study needs. It allows users to create an account and customize the material and tools they want to use, from flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes to word games, making it easy and fun to learn key topics. Quizlet has ready-made assignments and activities created by other users, or you can make a study set of your own with words and definitions you need to learn. Additionally, it provides study mode, allowing you to practice answering questions independently with no time limit. As long as you have access to the internet, Quizlet will be there whenever you need help finding solutions or studying for upcoming tests.

WolframAlpha (Best Technical Tool)

WolframAlpha is an incredible online tool that any mathematics student should bookmark immediately. Using a combination of scientific knowledge and AI technology, this remarkable resource provides complex answers to almost any mathematics-related query. From basic arithmetic to high-level mathematics engines like integrals, derivatives, and matrices, WolframAlpha can be used as a study guide or online tutor - all while bringing mathematics alive with descriptions, logic, and animation. As the saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility," so if you need help with mathematics - there's no better place than WolphramAlpha!

Evernote (Best Note-Taking Tool)

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app! With Evernote, organizing ideas, tasks, and to-dos has never been easier - you can keep your notes neat and tidy with its effortless tagging, outlining, and editing options. Moreover, you also get to experience platform syncing capabilities that offer access from any device, so you can drop everything you're doing in one place and pick it up from anywhere else. Whether you're taking notes for a class or writing down a grocery list, Evernote will change how note-taking is done.

ToDoIst (Best To-Do List Tool)

ToDoIst is the most versatile to-do list app of all. Whether you're looking to monitor work projects, prioritize your personal tasks, or simply keep track of all your to-dos, ToDoIst can help organize everything. With a user-friendly interface, you can customize your to-do list to fit your needs and even add sub-tasks and labels to each item allowing for a more organized view. Plus, with this app's millions of users across multiple platforms, you can share lists and assign tasks with just a few clicks. ToDoIst is revolutionizing the way to-do lists are viewed and is quickly becoming the number one choice for to-do list managers!

Brain.FM (Best Focus Tool)

A focus-enhancer to conquer any task, Brain.FM takes music one step further by using technology to focus the mind and help you enter a flow state. Dedicated to optimizing focus and productivity through music, Brain.FM has leveraged a deep scientific understanding of the complex interaction between our brains and music to provide us with personalized audio sessions that focus our thoughts on any given task. Whether you’re completing a mundane job or tackling a major project, Brain.FM can help you focus and enter a productive mental state — all while making use of your favorite tunes.

Paper24 (Best Human Writing Tool)

While AI writing instruments are helpful, they can not think critically and complete the deep level of research required to compose an academic essay, research paper, case study, etc. Paper24 is a writing service that pairs students needing academic help with writers that have the required expertise. The service can help with virtually any subject and helps students gain more free time to focus on their families, job, sports, or other responsibilities. The price per page is around $12, and they keep it stable despite inflation. If you are a college student that needs help with any of your academic papers, then Paper24 is the solution for you!

Take Your Learning and Productivity to the Next Level

The world of online tools is vast and can be overwhelming. But with the right research, you can find the perfect app or tool to help you reach your goals. From WolframAlpha for mathematics students to ToDoIst for to-do list makers and Brain.FM for focused productivity, these tools, and many more offer a variety of resources to make your life easier. For those needing academic help, Paper24 is the perfect solution that provides reliable and affordable assistance. With these tools in your arsenal, you can easily take on any task, no matter how big or small!