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Sept 6, 2022
Learned loads of new stuff
Frankie was amazing; taught me how to structure everything and conduct research, which led to finishing the paper earlier than expected.
User ID: 3008
Nov 11, 2022
My payment failed twice
My payment failed twice before I changed the card and it finally went through. Other than that everything is ok
User ID: 3048
Nov 24, 2022
They did everything for me
They did everything for me! The sales rep asked me questions about my order and placed it on my behalf, then he found an expert that helped me with my task
User ID: 3150
Dec 3, 2022
He didn't disappoint
A bit difficult at the start, probably because I'm a first-timer. They helped me figure it out and I found a perfect math teacher.
User ID: 3266
Jan 13, 2023
Quick and reliable
Quick and reliable. Jumped on a call and prepared me for my exam. Thanks
User ID: 3404
Nov 7, 2022
Extremely pleased with the outcomes
First time turning online for help, extremely pleased with the outcomes.
User ID: 3461
Dec 18, 2022
This saved me sooo much stress
This saved me sooo much stress. I was completely frustrated, but Diana helped me to structure my thoughts and prepare for the exams.
User ID: 3517
Dec 13, 2022
Nice and simple
I found an English teacher, hopped on a call, and had a few lessons. Catching up on the class pretty quickly since.
User ID: 3547
Dec 4, 2022
Pleasurable experience overall
So much time and effort has been saved. Learned how to research properly
User ID: 3593
Nov 26, 2022
You're a lifesaver!
This service helped me during times when I was in a struggle. You're a lifesaver!
User ID: 3602
Nov 21, 2022
I was able to catch up
Being a single mom is tough, I fell behind in class cuz I had to spend extra time with my kid due to his health condition. I was able to catch up and learn everything I missed...
User ID: 3614
Jul 26, 2022
The setup was simple
The setup was simple, but there were a few issues with making a payment. I had to make the payment three times for it to go through. Please fix this
User ID: 3687
Nov 11, 2022
The ordering process is simple
The ordering process is simple, and customer service is friendly. My only complaint is that there are no discounts for returning customers
User ID: 3699
Jan 12, 2023
Pretty helpful service
A pretty helpful service for busy students
User ID: 3763
Jan 10, 2023
It was quickly resolved
I had some issues making a payment, but it was quickly resolved and my expert did a really nice job
User ID: 3800
Jan 14, 2023
They got my back
I used the service because I had a work-related situation that required my immediate response and they got my back and explained things I've missed
User ID: 4171
Dec 6, 2022
One of the agents helped me
I was a bit confused with the payment process. One of the agents helped me figure it out.
User ID: 4204

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